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"And feeding people is what I do best."The power was out in town, so she and a few other residents who hadn't evacuated hauled over an industrialsize propane grill from the firehouse a few blocks away.

She set it up on the street in front of her restaurant and started pots of beef and beans cooking.

I haven't been doing it, but my subconscious might freak out and tell me to push my BF away when there is no reason to do so. I don't know why, but I'm afraid that everything will just be easy and work.

I haven't had the healthiest relationships so being in one that is actually stable and good kind of freaks me out.

Kathryn had a few toys left, so she stopped and offered to play with the kids for a while.

"The parents were so grateful that I did that for their children," she says.

Exhausting as it is running the bus in addition to working full-time as a township trustee, it's what Kathryn feels she was meant to do.

Well, we finally defined the relationship over the weekend and are official."That pain will never go away, and it broke my heart to think about what these other families were going through in Otwell, especially the children."So Kathryn loaded her car with juice boxes, snacks and toys and drove to Otwell.She dropped off the items with the Red Cross, and as she was leaving, she saw a couple sorting through the wreckage of their home while their children watched.We've seen the pictures on the news or maybe even lived the scenes ourselves: A natural disaster strikes and suddenly people who only minutes ago were living their normal lives are left with just the clothes on their backs, and a feeling of despair.But sometimes all it takes is one person to give us the help we need to make it through— like these four extraordinary women. Six months earlier, in the middle of the night on November 6, 2005, a tornado had struck her town, taking the lives of her 2-year-old son, C. The three had been having a sleepover at her grandmother-in-law's mobile home.