Dating game variations

Or what if I had simply asked him for his number on New Year’s Eve? Sure we probably would have ended up going to Starbucks for our first date and I would have missed out on him putting all that effort into planning our first date at the little Italian bistro, and he would have missed that opportunity to feel so proud of himself, and we would have instead pleasantly chitchatted.

Or what if I had invited him in after our first date? My husband admitted to me that he probably would have taken full advantage of the opportunity, but he wouldn’t have thought very highly of me for it.

I found I didn’t like online dating (the guys expected too much too soon), and started making myself go out Thursday nights and weekends (if I didn’t have a date) to meet new people. 3 was the magic number for the amount of men I would date at once.

It would have been so easy to say yes, but years of trial and error with the rules had finally taught me my lesson.k wits.”Some of the “rules” they prescribe – like straightening your hair if it’s curly (mine is) or wearing short skirts or big hoopy earings and high heels are a little bit excessive. The idea is to allow you to feel your most beautiful and confident.If you’re getting male attention with curly hair, studs and flats, I don’t particularly think you need to change, but dressing sexy and grooming well says “I take care of myself.” The idea of being a “creature unlike any other” means you value yourself, and a man should value you if he is going to be worth your time.What would have happened if I had gone up to the attractive guy who had smiled at me at the bar?Because I went up to him, he might of thought I must have really liked him, and maybe we would have hooked up that night…and why would he want to see that girl again (except for easy sex), because who knows who else she picked up at a bar?