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From the level headed ship's captain to the delightfully charming cruise director, each cast member contributes to the overall entertainment value of the show., two of the most recognized self labeling organizations.RELATED: Nuns Fire threatens Robert Mondavi Winery in Oakville Cal Fire officials said the fire crew member was driving down one of Napa County's steepest roads towards Highway 29 before it veered off the road."Somewhere on this steep road something happened, he lost control and the water tender rolled in an upside down position down the grade," a Cal Fire official said.Recently university authorities announced that about 2 000 students will be accommodated at the new hostels, which have just been completed.Speaking on the side lines of business conference last Friday MSU vice chancellor, Ngwabi Bhebhe said the university "plans to accommodate about 5 000 students by December next year".Episodes can also reflect the struggles couples go through with moments that reflect more serious tones.

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Each character has their own strengths they bring to the episodes they appear in.The ship provides the setting for most of the stories which revolve around various couples.The crew on board the ship also play central roles in the romantic stories that unfold.Gweru City Council Assistant Town Clerk, Tapiwa Marerwa told delegates at the same meeting that the municipality had residential stands in Senga, which should be developed into flats to cater for students All these efforts are meant to address the accommodation woes at the college, but with the majority students faced with financial challenges, cohabitation has become an undesirable but only option to cut on costs.“Life at the university is just tough,” a student said.