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The company says the plant will cost about million to million, compared with the billions of dollars needed for a typical chip fab.

It already has 115 employees at the factory and is continuing to hire, company spokesman Bill Cummings said.

The process developed by Thinfilm could popularize the new kind of chipmaking and revolutionize the way consumers interact with products from whiskey bottles to shavers.

Thanks to the new chips from Thinfilm, you may soon be able to find out if a cosmetic container has been opened before you purchased it, whether your frozen dinner has been recalled or view a video of a brewmaster explaining how he crafted your beer — all by just tapping your phone onto a product label.

Instead, it’s going to be making potentially billions of low-cost chips for everyday products, and it’s going to operate much like a print shop, with rolls of flexible material being fed into machines that create electronics by depositing materials on them using techniques similar to an inkjet printer.

The San Jose plant will be one of the first worldwide to move to that method.