Jeff probst dating survivor cast member

He also happens to be transgender — but he never wanted to announce it on national television.Unfortunately for Smith, his choice was taken away by fellow castaway, Jeff Varner, who outed him on the April 12th episode of the show.

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As a result of the adoption, Julie Berry gained an older brother, Chris, but she also was separated from her biological sister, whom she would not see again for another two decades.Forgiveness does not require forgetting or excusing his actions," Smith wrote, explaining his decision to forgive Varner, but not befriend him."I have hope for Jeff Varner," he wrote.Julie Catherine Berry (born December 15, 1980) is an American television personality and producer."An odd sentiment, I realize, for someone who signed up for two seasons of the CBS reality giant, 'Survivor.'"Smith explained he never expected to make it has far as he did; he expected to return home and continue his life, "casually trans in the same way that Zac Efron is casually Jewish."Smith went on to describe what he felt when Varner uttered those words.In THR, Smith wrote, The lights magnified in brightness. I lost control of my body, my legs bounced up and down uncontrollably, willing me to flee, but the rest of me sat dead as stone. I could've made a clean break for it, but I knew there was no running from what had happened.