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But this post isn't about abortion or my view on it. But when used correctly and consistently they are proven to be 99% effective in preventing pregnancy and STDs.

It's about responsibility, or as shown by the numbers above, the abundant and apparent lack of it. in this day and age there is simply NO EXCUSE for grown people to be having irresponsible sex. I've personally never had it happen to me and I've been having sex for 10 years.

Just Us Dating is very affordable and you will enjoy meeting new people You no longer have to waste energy wondering if that person is single or taken. The people on Just Us Dating, are looking for serious relationships and are date-able.

Our in-depth design and exploration into social networking, have allowed us to integrate everything a social network has.

If you want to know more about the benefits of online dating, check our blogs. More than 90% of relationships fail because of communications issues, trust issues, difference in future goals which is basically, compatibility problems.

Online dating gives you the options of finding that compatible person plus it provides the avenue for friendships, meeting new people and possibility to learn and discover what you really want in partner.

You have the ability to browse people’s information and decide if that is who you want.

Unlike online dating, you do not have the benefit of their personal information such as like/dislikes that will help you to progress. For starters, they are paying with credit cards which needs real people to own them.However, their rejection rate is very high with maybe, 1 in 5 men are given her contact number after attempting to woo her (do not forget- we have not discussed the success rate from contact number to a relationship).Remember, this is based on personality and most women are not easily swayed.Animal Cruelty Poetry The Editor Internet Dating Love and relationships Pets News SEX Funny ha ha Work Guest Bloggers Weight Loss Marley Claire Life Music Faith Movies Vegetarian Children Romance Health & Fitness A Beautiful YOU Parenting justus Dating Adventure Advocacy Nablopomo Education Hopes & Dreams Just Because PT College Lazeras Operation Muffin Top(ple) Adoption I can hear the parents now 'OMG what kind of elementary school did you go to!?!' A good one actually, but it was grades 1-6 and all ages had recess together, so us younger kiddies were bound to overhear some 'big kid' talk now and then.