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But what might appear perfect could actually be a bit chipped and tarnished upon closer inspection.

Ideal recipient: WOMEN, of every religion, race, philosophy, or hair color.

Readers will enjoy Aimee's chance to rediscover herself and to recognize what she truly values. Laurie Graff's hilarious and sharp-witted novel is breezy enough to devour quickly, but resonant, too.Now I'm eager to get my hands on Laurie Graff's other novels, YOU HAVE TO KISS A LOT OF FROGS and LOOKING FOR MR. If they're half as good as THE SHIKSA SYNDROME, I have some great reading ahead.Laurie Graff's biting new novel slices up modern-day Jewish romance with the precision of a New York deli man.Saturating this fluffy romantic comedy of errors is a more subtle commentary about religion and identity that raises the question: How much of yourself do you have to give up in order to be with someone else?THE SHIKSA SYNDROME paints a comical yet disarmingly accurate picture of the Reform singles scene in New York, describing to a T the Jewish singles events, dates to "kosher style" restaurants and Jewish men's perceptions of non-Jewish women.