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King Cotton will grind most of these people to a bloody pulp.

The ones not destined for the plantation are likely destined for the brothel. A couple of local traders come out to talk to Franklin. He’s not as imposing as you might expect such a man to be.

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In five years, when the Cherokee are forced across this bridge, sick, starving, afraid, Nashvillians will claim they were so moved by the suffering that they tried to help the refugees, but were rebuked by the soldiers escorting them. Almost everyone in Nashville has known Isaac Franklin since he was born.

Most people are related or married into each other’s families.

Gossip, drinking and duels provide most of the town’s entertainment.

Isaac Franklin was born in Sumner County, just north of Nashville, in 1789.

His parents had survived Indian attacks on Mansker’s Station north of town in 1781 — a station was a privately owned fort — and fought at the Battle of the Bluffs when American Indians attacked Nashville in April of that same year.