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If you are not careful and selective about who sees your private photos, all of your business could be permanently displayed for the world to see.While you may already know how to sext, here are 8 sexting rules to protect you.1. Just because someone gives you their phone number does not mean that you should automatically start texting dirty talk and sexy photos.If your boo isn't responding as quickly as you'd like, send him three or four more messages to make sure he's for sure getting your messages/hasn't died in a car crash. Then make sure to communicate panic in your responses. If you're upset with your mate, a period at the end of a short response will assure her you mean business. If you fear the punctuation mark is making you seem too eager, replace it with an emoticon.

Once it's out there, there is not too much you can do get it off.2. Sexting can be addictive, especially for someone who may not have done it before.If you choose to sext, there are some things you need to know.Sex and technology have taken an exciting new turn.It can definitely spice up your relationship by adding excitement and keep your partner stimulated in ways that will leave them wanting more.Just as sexting has its advantages, it also has the potential to spark disaster; the internet is just filled with nude pics from your favorite celebs phones.