Updating database maschine

* Product or fix type Select "AIX OS, java, compilers" * Ordering option Select "Mainteneance packages" * OS level Select "AIX 5.1" Select "continue" for next screen Current level Select "5100-04" Desired Level Select "5100-05" Select "go" Download "510405gz " at the bottom of the page Follow the instructions Locking an account: The following procedure can be used to lock a user's account; (1) smitty user (2) select, change the characteristics of a user (3) Expiration Date: input the effective date, when this account will be expiring / closing (4) Is this user account locked: false, use tab key to choose true (5) User can login:true, use tab key to change true to false (6) user can login remotely:true, use tab key to change true to false (7) Press enter key and account will be locked (8) for further security also change the password to permit the user to login after 30 days / specfied time revert the above fields to original values.

If an ESMF node mostly falls off the net (strobe shows only about 5 ports open), then: 1) Go down to the ESMF HMC 2) Log in 3) Locate the right window to use 4) Log in to the trouble machine 5) kill and restart srcmstr 6) startsrc -s inetd 7) startsrc -s sshd 8) startsrc -s automountd 9) /etc/nfs.clean 10) /etc/There may be other things that need to be started up as well, but this has been sufficient so far.

Then uncompress or unzip, untar, whatever, and using the fastpath smitty update_all in AIX you can install or preview the installation of any patches.

I recommend using preview option before real installation and also recommend installing patches in APPLIED status, that is, both either original or old version and newest version of the software are installed, so you can REJECT the installation of any patch.

This one apparently must be the first -L in the link line.

Please see also: will give u this output which give u the information regarding ur memory.

He suggested that maybe we did not need to do that this time, because we have the latest pssp (ssp.*) software on the system. esmf04m-dcsew Making AIX 5.1 see a change to /etc/and/or /etc/services and/or /etc/rpc is different from most other systems (only verified using one rpc/udp service so far) You can't just kill -HUP inetd's pid What you can do, is "smitty inetd", stop inetd, start inetd, and exit smitty.

size inuse free pin virtual memory 1310711 1298235 12476 103782 711466 pg space 2097152 585219 work pers clnt lpage pin 103782 0 0 0 in use 438570 10130 849535 0 Scott (of IBM, onsite hardware tech) stuff: lsdev -Cc adapter "defined" means at one time the piece of hardware was on system - as opposed to "available".

A card which is being newly added should not temporarily pass through "defined" state. ///// lsslot -c pci p1-i1 is the first slot on the back left ///// diag diadiagnostic routines problem determination sfp: phones home (to IBM) over modem previously reported problem ///// task selection hot plug task pci or scsi identify function will blink light, so you can make sure the hardware and software are on the same page.

As AIX 5L is new technology from IBM they're patching many problems and generating ML very often.

You can download from First, you have to know which Fix or PTF to install, then download it from the above web link, then copy to a location in the server (usually PTF's are copied to /usr/sys/inst.images directory as well as there's enough space (what i do is to create a new FS of some 2 GB dize and mount it over /usr/sys/inst.images, after installing the APAR or PTF i just delete the FS without deleting the mount point).