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It’s hard to believe she took much of last year off acting, recovering from major neck surgery.Repeated lion and tiger attacks through the years have left Hedren with scars, aches and debilitating injuries.

The script was written and we handed it out to different Hollywood animal trainers and every one of them came back and said, “You’ve got too many animals in this movie. The movie you made with the animals, “Roar,” is considered to be one of the most dangerous movies ever filmed. In the five years, I think there were seven people that were hurt, but not seriously. My then husband [director Noel Marshall] was in the hospital so many times they were going to name a wing after him. How can they possibly have anything to say about it?“I’ve been dragged down many times by lions and they weigh more than a football linebacker,” she says.“I had a lot of whiplash and I’m sure that damaged my neck. Fortunately she bit my skull – an inch lower and it would have severed my neck.Hedren tells that she decided to share her story in the hopes of encouraging other women to stand up for themselves.Though Hedren may not have maintained a spot on the A-list, she found her life’s purpose as an advocate for lions, tigers, and other big cats.